How to connect a domain to your Squarespace website

You have created your Squarespace website according to your wishes or with one of our templates. Now you want to launch the site online and present it to your audience or customers. To do that, you need to connect your website with a domain. Don’t know what that is? We’ll explain it to you step by step here and show you how to get started!

What is a domain or URL?

A domain is the address through which your website can be found online. In our case, that would be “”. Each domain is unique and can only be found online once, which is why it may happen that your desired domain is not available.

A URL is essentially another term for your domain, but it includes the entire link that leads to your website.

In our case, it would be: “”

Each subpage gets its own URL, such as “” or ““.

Squarespace built-in-domains

Every Squarespace site is assigned an automatically generated URL when created. It consists of a random string of characters and numbers followed by

Example: “”

You could publish your website with this domain, but it doesn’t look very professional and can be detrimental to your Google SEO. The better way is to link a custom domain with your site.

Where can you get a domain?

There are several providers where you can buy a domain. Another option would be to book the domain directly through Squarespace. The first year is even free when you sign up for a Squarespace subscription. After the first year, the domain will be billed annually. Even though there are cheaper providers, we recommend taking your domain directly from Squarespace if you are also creating a Squarespace website. This way, you can manage everything in one place.

Purchasing a new domain on Squarespace

In the settings of your Squarespace website, click on “DOMAINS AND EMAIL”, “DOMAINS” and use the “GET A DOMAIN” button.

You can now search for the domain you want to go with. You have to select the domain and then go to checkout. After the purchase, the new domain will be connected with your website.

If you own a domain

Go to the domains panels in you Squarespace account dashboard.

Squarespace Account domain panel

If you already have domains in your Squarespace account they will be listed here. Select the domain you want to connect to your site. In the pop-up choose “MANAGE DOMAIN SETTINGS” and then “MOVE DOMAIN”. Now you have to choose the website to connect it with and that’s it! 

Connect a domain that you not bought on Squarespace

In the settings of your Squarespace website, click on “DOMAINS AND EMAIL”, “DOMAINS” and use the “USE A DOMAIN I OWN” button.

Type in your domain name. Now you have two options:

  1. Transfer the domain
  2. Conncect the domain

“Transfer” means that the domain is completely transfered to your Squarespace account, so you do not need your other provider anymore. “Connect” means that your Squarespace website uses the domain, but it will still be managed by the third-party-provider.

Don't forget to publish your website!

You created your website, got yourself a Squarespace subscription and connected your site with a domain. Now the last step would be to publish it!

Under “SETTINGS”, “WEBSITE”, “SITE AVAILABILITY” you need to set your website to “Public”.

Your website is live! Congratulations!